Use The Power of Technical SEO for Stellar Google Performance!

If search engines cannot access the pages on your site, they will not be visible or rank in search results, regardless of the content’s value. This leads to a decline in website traffic and potential revenue for your business.

Moreover, Google acknowledges page speed and mobile-friendliness as critical ranking factors. Slow-loading pages may frustrate users, prompting them to leave your site. Such user behavior may indicate a subpar user experience, potentially resulting in a lower ranking by Google.

Elevate your website’s performance and attract high-quality leads and traffic through TKX Media technical SEO services.

What is included in technical SEO

Local SEO ranking factors are specific elements that influence how well a business or website performs in local search results. These factors help search engines determine the relevance and prominence of a business in a specific geographic area. Some key local SEO ranking factors include:

Site Speed Optimization

ptimizing website page speed for improved performance and user experience.

Robots.txt File Configuration

Directing search engine crawlers on which parts of your site to crawl or avoid.

XML Sitemap Implementation

Creating a structured map of your website for search engines to better understand its layout.

SSL/HTTPS Implementation

Secure your website with encrypted connections to protect user data.

Structured IData Markup

Incorporate schema for enhanced content context in search engines.

Fixing Crawl

Resolve search engine crawler issues for smoother site navigation

Image Optimization

Optimize loading times by compressing images without compromising on quality for enhanced website performance.

Page Redirects Management

Properly handling redirects to maintain SEO value when pages are moved or removed.

Fixing Broken Links

Enhance user experience and SEO by identifying and correcting broken links on your website effectively.

What will TKX media provide you?

Site Audit Reports

The performance of your website is influenced by various factors working together. At TKX Media, we conduct thorough audits for your technical SEO, paid campaigns, conversion rate optimization (CRO), backlink profile, analytics, and competition. This ensures that our business decisions are informed by data and research.

Technical SEO experts

Our dedicated team of technical SEO experts delivers expertise in optimizing websites for peak performance. From analysis to strategic implementation, we ensure your online presence is finely tuned to meet the evolving standards of search engines and industry trends.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor the performance of your SEO campaign and stay informed about all your online activities. Our team uses analytics to collect valuable insights and achieve your desired outcomes. We offer consistent consultations, email updates, and monthly reports, ensuring you understand your marketing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Set SEO Goals

We create SEO plans focused on your goals. Our strategies aim to make your online presence better, so more people see your website. This helps bring in the right kind of visitors and gives good results for your business.


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