Capture Attention, Build Impact with TKX Custom Web Design Services

In the blink of an eye – just 0.05 seconds to be exact – your audience forms an opinion about your brand. Make that moment count with TKX Media custom web design services. We go beyond aesthetics, incorporating unique features and user-friendly elements to create an engaging online experience. Strengthen your brand reputation by ensuring your website not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting, positive impression on your visitors.

The Essential Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Custom Website Design

Unique Brand

A custom website design ensures your online presence reflects your brand identity distinctly, setting you apart in the digital landscape.

Tailored User Experience

Custom web design services cater to your audience, offering a seamless and personalized user journey for enhanced satisfaction.

Optimized Performance

A custom website design company prioritizes performance, creating a site that loads quickly, boosting user engagement and SEO rankings.

Responsive Across Devices

Custom designs adapt to various devices, providing a consistent, user-friendly experience for visitors on desktops, tablets, and smartphones

Scalability for

A custom website is scalable, evolving with your business needs, allowing for easy updates, expansions, and integrations as your company grows.

Enhanced Security

A reputable custom website design company incorporates robust security features, safeguarding your site and customer data from potential threats, ensuring trust and credibility.

Stand Out Online: TKX Media Creates Websites Just for You!

TKX Media makes special websites just for you. Our website designers work with you to create a unique and good-looking site that fits your brand. TKX custom website design focuses on making it easy for people to use and keeping up with the latest design styles. This way, your online presence catches attention, keeps people interested, and helps your business succeed online.

Draw in customers who are truly interested with a captivating, clean custom-designed website.

Our Custom Web Design Services

Get a Professional Website Design that's Completely Unique for Your Business.

Website Analysis

We gather and study your website data to create a website design that boosts organic traffic. Our team conducts usability analysis, ensures content consistency and accuracy, and checks technical implementation across browsers. This way, we create a custom design for your target customers.

Logo Design

Establish a distinctive brand identity by incorporating a personalized logo into your website. Our team generates three logo concepts, allowing you to select the one that best represents your brand. Additionally, we provide logo redesign services at a competitive price within our custom website design packages.

Ecommerce web design

Enhance your customers' shopping experience through a personalized eCommerce web design. We incorporate social proof, streamline navigation, showcase high-resolution images, craft compelling descriptions, and highlight your unique selling points (USPs). Our custom website design pricing is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Website Hosting

Boost your digital marketing possibilities with a personalized web design pricing and package designed to meet your requirements. Our web hosting services guarantee high reliability, uptime, site security, and enhanced SEO and online performance. Enjoy dependable customer support, unlimited bandwidth and storage, free malware removal, and affordable custom website design costs.

Website Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with a skilled team managing your site updates and maintenance. Our professionals conduct user testing, perform site backups, check security updates, fix broken links, remove unnecessary form fields, and conduct test purchases. Benefit from prompt and reliable technical support to safeguard your website against cyber attacks.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase your leads and conversions with TKX's personalized website design packages. Our team, consisting of experts in custom web design and development, is dedicated to attracting high-quality traffic to your website. We craft engaging content, optimize images, implement and test various calls-to-action, and organize your site's registration and checkout processes.

Our Website Design Process

01  Discovery Phase

We begin by understanding your brand, goals, and target audience. This phase involves in-depth discussions to gather insights that guide our custom website design approach.

02 Design and Development

Our team translates the gathered insights into a visually appealing design. We focus on user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and functionality during the development stage.

03 Client Feedback and Revisions

We value your input. After presenting the initial design, we seek your feedback for revisions. This collaborative process ensures the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.


Why do we have a 95% satisfaction rate? Because we get results.

"Tim, did a great job picking up the project, understanding what needed to be done and ran with it. Excellent communication and execution in a timely fashion and under budget. Doesn't get better than that!"

Emile B TT Weber Hydraulic

"Working with Tim was great. He's an awesome communicator, works quickly and efficiently, and definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to Google ads. Highly recommend."

Ari B. Banayan Legal

"Great job estimating time requirements/cost, great communication, very responsive, and he even helped me with some random one-off IT/computer-related questions that were not specific to the website he built for me."

Kent P. Kent Piacenti Law

"Tim is a seasoned professional. He was a great communicator and believed in his work to try something new. The type of website he built for me was not his norm but he delivered in every single way I wanted. I plan to only use Tim in the future 🙂 "

Shea J. Stash Films

"Tim is a great person, skilled in wordpress. He was responsive, kind, quick with updates. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a website made. I am very pleased with how everything turned out. 10/10 would hire again."

Alex M. Owner –

"Tim was great to work with. He took the time to understand our goals and then provided some options for achieving them. He kept us updated and delivered on all the objectives we hired him for."

Kevin R. Owner – BTcore Cloud

"Tim allowed us to achieve our business objectives by doing a deep dive into our current Ads campaign, then figuring out what the anomalies were in the campaign. By changing a series of keywords and terms, bidding strategies, and homing in on the correct audience thru demographic analysis our account experienced more clicks and conversions. I would definitely use Tim again for any future Google Ads campaign projects"

Jeff V. Travel Agency Owner

"Tim was very attentive in listening to my needs and helping me accomplish my goals of building a new website and implementing SEO tactics for it and my online listings. He was very available when I had questions and always asked me for my feedback and listened to what I had to say. I also had Tim do an adwords improvement for us and it has been going well. I would highly recommend Tim to others if they need SEO or new websites"

Shane M. Owner – South Coast Glass

"Tim is great at his job. I hired him first do a review of my google ad words account, and then to manage it on a monthly basis. My clicks are up, my cost is down, and he has more then paid for his fee by helping me save money/make money on my google adwords account in less then two months time. Also, he communicates very well, and tells me exactly what he is doing. Due to his great work I'm hiring him to do a website migration for me. Thanks Tim for your hardwork!"

Jesse DesignationOwner

"I would give him 6 stars if I could. Time is highly responsive both in receiving communication and addressing work. He was on top of everything immediately and my phone is ringing and emails are coming which means I am making money. I will continue to take all my ppc needs to Tim. Hire him, you will be glad you did.”

Clovis C. Owner

"Tim was knowledgeable and easy to work with on this project. He communicated clearly what he needed from me in order to complete the project and was very responsive. Plus, made suggestions on how to improve the overall marketing strategy."

Sarah C. Owner – Halos Counseling

“Tim is amazing! One of our biggest concerns after his abilities was the communication we would receive on about the job.

Sam H. Owner – Green Tree Property Management

"Tim is on top of things! I refer to him as being "stealthy" because he works fast and efficiently. He was extremely patient, helpful, creative, and professional. I would hire Tim again!"

Heather Cooney Owner – Milestone Physique

"Tim J. went above and beyond and was extremely professional and straightforward. He is very talented and guided me through several areas of branding and marketing with ease. I have no hesitation recommending him and using his services for future ventures. If you are Looking for a hardworking, Talented professional for your business .. he is your guy!"

Asma K. Med Spa Owner

"Tim was excellent to work with. He is professional and efficient and provided us with a product we are happy with. We plan to continue to use Tim on future projects."

Rahul S. Owner – Lone Star Spine and Pain Institute

"Tim did a fantastic job on my website. He was patient and concise while designing my website for a small construction business. Look forward to having him help me with my google seo and ads."

Casey B. Owner – Bravo Flooring Design

"Tim is easy to work with, brings great ideas to the table, and completes work quickly. Delighted to have been able to work with him. Thanks!"

Greg S. Owner – Specht Physical Therapy

"Communicated very well. Let me know exactly what he was going to do and sent great feedback and reports to help explain"

Darryl W. Owner – Midwest Optics

"Tim did an amazing job as my marketing consultant. He provided invaluable updating and monitoring of our online marketing, as well as provided help and insight for additional channels of marketing. We have literally doubled our leads over the last year, and it has been all because of Tim's consistent and invaluable work for my law firm. Thanks so much Tim!!! If Tim has the ability to add you on as his client, do not pass up on the opportunity."

Jesse T. Owner – Idaho Legal